(Music) Entice – Raptorh

(Music) Entice – Raptorh

Entice by RAPTORh, after his hot collaboration with STUFFYN on a song title MSOO MAMA WAM, he has decided to break his long silence in the music industry industry with this outstanding track ENTICE which is his latest song.

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Lyrics Below:


No (3x) Enitice me
Bad girl Bad manners
No Entice me
No (3x) Enitice me
Bad attitude, pls no entice me
No Entice me

Yeah,,,Who you the put on
That shot Skinny skirt for?
If na for me
You for know I wouldn’t trip for
No seduce me cus I wouldn’t fall for
This your bad attitude
Pls they’re uncalled for
I met this girl
I was cancelling
I asked her out
Yes she started answering
I few days
I started spending pounds spellings
In two weeks see I was damn broken
Why? She heard a very bad attitude
I Neva knew this girl was even a proustite
When I take her out
She go carry multitude
See Her brother, her sister
And other proustites
When I became broke, she lost my longitude
I couldn’t contact her using all her latitude
You be fine girl with such an attitude
I no blame u, I blame your altitude


I met this girl Isabella with her chick so high
I fell in love see my brother I stoop to low
Neva knew that my BP was Getting To High
And vice versa my GP Getting too low
If I call her back home see she won’t comply
All my chats and messages she won’t reply
With Alhaji to Ghana, see she don’ the fly
Most expensive jewelry
She don the buy
In between her,legs
She have drill a bore hole
Even my big head can enter though the hole
I can’t say Everything there in a whole
This my bad mouth me I learn to control
Sugar Daddy runs, pls who want to enroll
Sexually active like burning charcoal
8,9,10 You see girls on patrol
By the road side sugar Daddy parol

See..Bad girl u are spoil to the core
Everywhere u go u will be asking for more
She go just the price
Like she the sale for store
Your game still the play
You’re Getting high score
Any low price she go just the ignore
She like Alhaji,where the sleep and the snore
So she can pick that, briefcase and explore
On that very day it was an underscore
Alhaji, where carry much Tiddyo
Bella just the sleep she no suggeo
Alhaji carry sharp knife
From that en briefcase o
Cut Bella private parts and her booby o
Alhaji dropped 6k and left the room
Picked his hummer3 and then off he Zoom
Bad market, Today Bella met her Doom
See now wetin man daughter go doo…

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