Miss 9jaflavour Sese OBO clocks One

Miss 9jaflavour Sese OBO clocks One

HAPPY BIRTHDAY “Miss 9jaflavour”

Sese OBO

The Zealous poet makes his pen dance,
Orchestrally to the tone of the damsel
That beat everyone in Chess.

Its a beautiful miracle he desires,
Wondering how the weather is making
Avuncular gestures at her in Summer.
Screaming Happy Birthday
But Its coming late like the Sunrise
During Winter.

On Friday he wrote.
Cause on Saturday, the heavens
Were cursed with a deluge that drenched
her very soul.
Stole her voice and made her sound
like an Owl.
Sure u won’t swell like a Cobra and strike.
When I kiss you on your bellybutton
as you lie.

My birthday present
Then comes the magic,
and then the memories of Negligence.
Reminiscing why I didn’t bother to
Fall in love with you for ur Intelligence.

If you were “Minus One”
I ‘d Call Time a Thief and jail him
for Burglary, but Reverse is the Case.
You are “Plus one” means Time is a great
Mathematician making age run through
a Boundless Sea of Years.

I’d wish you drown in happiness,
Overseeing a raging ocean
Filled with Prosperity.
Swimming in good health across the
Nile deep with densities.

Happy birthday
For you is an angel Nature admires.
One Miracle, and its not Jesus
turning water into Wine.
But rather, a sweet black berry, fresh and
Uncut from the Vine.

(Dedicated to Sese OBO)

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    Kristy boy 8 months

    Happy birthday gyal friend

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    Blessed 8 months

    Happy belated birthday

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    Happy birthday sese