(Interview) Daphic on One on One Interview with Tha Peculiar Blogger

(Interview) Daphic on One on One Interview with Tha Peculiar Blogger

I welcome you Back on another episode of the

“One On One interview with Tha Peculiar Blogger”

And in today’s edition we have ‘Daphic Singer’ his our guest in the house.

Peculiar: Hello Daphic you welcome to One on One interview with Tha Peculiar.

Daphic: Thank you its really an honor to be here.

Peculiar: So Daphic let’s start with you telling us your birth name?

Daphic: My name is Gaga Terver Theophilus, better known with my stage name as ‘Daphic’

Peculiar: Ok so tell us what inspired and made you go with ‘Daphic Singer’ as your stage name?

Daphic: Daphic means Quality something, something that is real, my music is all about expressing something real and that’s who Daphic Singer is all about.

Peculiar: Wow that is nice. what inspired you and made you kick start your music career?

Daphic: When i was still in secondary school i was made to believe talent wasn’t supposed to be ignored and that’s what made me ‘Daphic’ The passion gave birth to my music.

Peculiar: That’s great, i love your confidence.

Daphic: Yeah sure.

Peculiar: Can you tell us so we know who your role models are?

Daphic: She’s kind of friendly and simple to understand.

Peculiar: And who could this special person be?

Daphic: Entertainer.

Peculiar: The suspense is becoming unbearable stop killing us with it and tell us who your role model is.

Daphic: Davido and 2Baba have actually inspired me in one way or the other.

Peculiar: That’s nice if you were to feature anyone of these superstars in your next single who would that be?

Daphic: I can’t tell, but i think music is all about creativity before doing a collaboration, i have to compare his/her pattern of music then know what to do.

Peculiar: Sure you right, but still on the question, Does this mean you haven’t wished to do a collaboration with these stars before?

Daphic: I have worked with different artistes like Terry Tha Rapman, currently i’m working on my new single which i’m willing to feature Skiibii and Magneto.

Peculiar: That’s great.

Before you tell us a little about this very song of yours that is at the corner title “Designer” are you still in school or you done?

Daphic: I’m a graduate of Federal University Of Abuja, popularly known as UniGwas, Department of Political science 2016.

The song “Designer” is all about love and lifestyle of human beings and also the day to day challenges we the youth face in the streets.

Peculiar: Do you smoke or Drink?

Daphic: I don’t smoke but i drink.

Peculiar: Tell us about songs you’ve dropped so far?

Daphic: So far so good i have recorded 43 songs which all of them are hit songs.

Peculiar: That’s Great. Tell us more about these songs you’ve dropped so far what has been your major source of inspiration?

Daphic: The song i dropped in 2018 title ‘Connect’ is one among the best song i believe i made to soothe both National and International standard.

Peculiar: Thanks so much for your time, before i let you go Here with me i have some few random questions for you.

Daphic: You can go ahead.

Peculiar: Which do you prefer Indomie or Spaghetti?

Daphic: Indomie

Peculiar: Simi or Teni?

Daphic: Simi

Peculiar: Messi or Ronaldo?

Daphic: Ronaldo

Peculiar: Wizkid or Davido?

Daphic: Davido

Peculiar: 9jaflavour.com.ng/Peculiarvibes.com or other blogs?

Daphic: Peculiarvibes comes first before any other.

Peculiar: Thank you so much for the recommendations.

One word of advice to your followers and those following this program out there.

Daphic: My advice for upcoming artistes don’t think of been like me or Davido but always think of been yourself, Creativity is a key for success.

Peculiar: Thanks so so much for your time sir, we really appreciate your presence. Before you leave pls drop your social media handles so those following can connect with you.

Daphic: IG/FB/Twitter @Daphic Singer WhatsApp @09032857034

Thanks for having me Peculiar.

Peculiar: Your welcome, I look forward having you again someday stay blessed.

Catch me same time next week for yet again another episode of ‘One on One interview with Tha Peculiar Blogger’

i remain your humble your host.

Anjo Msughter Joseph/Anjo MJay (Peculiar Blogger)

connect with me via FB/IG/TWITTER@ PeculiarBlogger

WhatsApp @07030958581/peculiarblogger2016@gmail.com

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