(Gists) Bessie Gold and Wuraola?

(Gists) Bessie Gold and Wuraola?


A lot of people have been asking me this question and I wanna answer it here for all to see
(To whom it may concern tho)


their differences and similarities???

Hmmmn.. 🤔🤔🤔

Wuraola is a gal with big dreams, visions and missions.
Wuraola is a communicator (studied mass communication)..
Wuraola is a talkative, simple, crazy and friendly.
Wuraola is a fun lover and Christ lover
She is a motivator and an inspirational speaker
Wuraola is her mama’s pride and she is a youth corper.

Wuraola is a lover.. & I mean a lover to the core ☺

I am always WURAOLA but not every time that I am BESSIE-GOLD.
When I am on the stage I am BESSIE-GOLD that’s why most of y’all find it difficult to believe wen I say I don’t drink neither do I smoke ‘coz you felt WURAOLA act differently from that being on the stage so wat gingers me.. That is coz WURAOLA ain’t the one on the stage but BESSIE-GOLD.. until you separate the human from the career/talent, there would always be a misunderstanding.
Wizkid is starboy, but whenever he is amongst his own people, behind the cameras.. He his just one ordinary boy.. But wen he needs to act as WIZKID.. He GATS do that..

Don’t confuse them both.. Don’t mix ’em up.
One day someone said to me in fact, many has said that to me..
“I get scared to talk to u coz I felt you are surrounded and you know as an artist you might be proud and all”..
BESSIE-GOLD is the artist.. WURAOLA is the human.. Even iffa blow tumao, pride might possibly take over BESSIE-GOLD (I ain’t perfect, so I can’t say) but outside d camera.. WURAOLA is just another girl, Don’t be judgemental.. Don’t judge me by what you see from afar.. Try getting close to the HUMAN in me, then you would know you have been wrong


“BESSIE-GOLD & WURAOLA” are both fun lovers & entertainers, Arebboth friendly. They both neither drink nor smoke. They eat a lot & that’s what gingers them (FOOD). They are both never shy and both courageous.. They are both fighters & hustlers..


WURAOLA is a talkative, BESSIE-GOLD ain’t except when in the studio or on stage
WURAOLA is anothero girl.. BESSIE-GOLD is classy.. WURAOLA can befriend anyone anything while BESSIE-GOLD is selective. WURAOLA is simple while BESSIE-GOLD is tough.

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