(Gists) Poem For Tacha BBN

(Gists) Poem For Tacha BBN

Roses🌹 are Red
But Tacha the smell

While the sun shines we make hay
But when Tacha pass we bring Spray
Na person wey get Leg the Japa
No Leave no Transfer.

Darkness is Black
Now Tacha is Out

Team Tacha fit call BBN scam
Her tomorrow get Belle we don’ abort am

The sky is Blue
And Tacha is Doomed

Seeing this type of things online
Depression might set in no time.

So please guys keep it cool,
Tacha na Human too.
Before she loose her sanity
Like nut wey mechanic tie Loose.
Her baff is not your baff
Cee C, a Tboss with curves
Tacha, a Cee C with Body Odour

She hasn’t the fan already
Guess she was just chasing clout.

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