(Gist) Zikoseed Shocked his fans with the unexpected

(Gist) Zikoseed Shocked his fans with the unexpected

Full,,,,, name:  Alex Francis,,,, signed to Hybrid Records officially on Jan 2016 my ex label Hybrid records was behind all my hits including “Mad for the girl”
Thou my first official single under Hybrid that gave me a household name was “For your love “,,,,,,Then I dropped Mad for the girl,,, the song which took me to places,,, And Even Dremo did a copyright of the song in his KPA ft David……. I went further to release  #Industry fame ft Tooprince,, Jjdebusta,,, sas and Nas v…. After then I realized “Fingerprint,,massive hit also”,,,then I dropped #CALLING ft Deeto and jaes ruddy…. ..last song under hybrid was “Mami wata”,,,still hot and trending…all my songs are searchable on Google.

My major reason of departing from hybrid,,, is because I have a better offer,, from a friend and brother in U S A,,,, whom after listening to my song,,, decides to support and sponsor me……. And we will be building our own brand,,,, GSM gang,,,…GSM means,,,, Good Seed Music with the support of my sponsorer,,,, he has his label to,,, #ZNG group,,, we will be working hand in hand.

I will be having,,, a bigger platform after leaving Hybrid,,,, and I know before two years,,, even if I have not gotten to were I need to be,,, I know I will be far bigger and better than were I am now.

Hybrid records,,, is one of the best labels in benue state,,, they made me a household name,,, with the help of God ,,,my producer DJ UK,,,, and me being a very hardworking artist,,, DJ pucket,, is indeed a brother for life,,, he made all my Wonder graphics,,,, to my fellow label mates,,, Tooprince and yungbizo,,, wonderful and Talented Artist,,, we shall remain family for life,,, we shared alot just more than being friends,,,,, I say God bless ziko seed,,, God bless Hybrid records God bless UK tha soundprince,,, God bless yungbizo,, God bless Tooprince God bless DJ pucket,,,, God bless GSM gang,,, God bless zinger my new partner,,, God bless benue music,, God bless Nigerian music…. I pray and hope we see ourselves at the top some day And God bless Anjo Msughter Joseph Tha Peculiar blogger too.

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    Congrats bro … Wish u bigger moves✊