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PeculiarBlogger- October 25, 2019

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SINGLE, AN EP AND AN ALBUM? With TuneCore you can distribute Singles and Albums to the digital stores. Each ... Read More

(Music) Pay your tax – Bessie Gold

PeculiarBlogger- October 25, 2019

"PAY YOUR TAX" by BESSIE-GOLD of Abbey City Empire appreciates the support, love and encouragements. "Bessie Gold" 'Pay ya tax' advertisements for my PPA FIRS ... Read More

(Tour) Blossom Rap tour

PeculiarBlogger- October 22, 2019

BLOSSOM EMPIRE PRESENTS KNOCK EM' OFF RAP TOURNAMENT This isn't a battle for the feeble ones or the chicken minded. This isn't A Rap tour ... Read More

(Gist) Obaxena clocks 1 Today

PeculiarBlogger- October 9, 2019

Obaxena  (Adedoyin Zainab Adeniyi) Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 Obaxena is plus One. "Have a wonderful birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with ... Read More

9jaflavour’s Artist of the week

PeculiarBlogger- September 20, 2019

Stephen Shegz whose Full name is Stephen Segun. What inspired your recent Anabella project Sir? Reply: Nothing inspires me but love... I notice Love is ... Read More

(Notice) Connect with Us

PeculiarBlogger- September 17, 2019

Hello, welcome and thanks for connecting with us on We are always open for business. Get in touch with us, contact us, let us ... Read More