(Biography) Biography of Promise Edwin

(Biography) Biography of Promise Edwin

Promise Edwin(is a vibrant Nigerian born artist. He started singing when he was 8 years old and he love gospel songs to the brim.

He developed his passion for music from child hood
Though his family background affected his music career.

What finally gave birth to ‘Promise Edwin’s’ music career was when he ministered a song in church that left the elders with a wow reaction.

Been so gifted ‘Promise Edwin’
Was made the praise and worship leader in his church at age 15.

When he was 16years old he became so skillful as he began writing songs.

His first studio project “comfort me” was done at the age of 18
And he has many other gospel songs as inspiring.

The positive response made Promise Edwin go further in doing another titledOdogwu Dike

Promise Edwin’s Upbringing:

He grew up in anambra state
(Promise Edwin) is from anambra state Nigeria, schooled at Future hope private school
Earned his first leaving school extricate at Community High school Nanka

And later furthered to higher institution at
Gboko polytechnic Benue State.

Music Exposure:

Promise Edwin has written many gospel songs and he has ministered in many states in Nigeria his worship songs always find a way to touch and sprang up hope in people lives.

His praises songs will always find a way to make you dance away your troubles.
He is just starting.

Download 👉 You comfort me
👉 Odogwu Dike

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