(Gist) Rema is not Dead

(Gist) Rema is not Dead

On the 1st February reports circulated online that the Mavin Records superstar, REMA is dead.

The screenshot above with  the information from World Renown Information website, WikiPedia.

According to the website Rema is said to have passed on today February 1st at 12:29am

Is Rema Gone?

From what we’ve gathered so far from our sources close to Rema and the Mavin team, the multi-talented artist is very much alive and well. So far no odd activity has been detected on his Social Media pages that proves that anything bad has happened.

Recent Screenshot from the page as at February 1st 18:34, we can see that there is no such thing about the artist being Dead or having been involved in an accident.

He even posted on his social media page nothing in the post made reference to him been dead or sick.

We believe some persons who are not in Good terms with Rema, went ahead to edit the WikiPedia information of the susperstar in order to deceive people into believing the false information and cause grief amongst fans of the artist.

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